Senin, 19 Maret 2012

Contoh Teks Report 'Serangga' (Report Text 'Insect') DRAGONFLY

   A dragonfly is a winged insect belonging to the order Odonata. There are many more than 5000 species of dragonflies in the world.
  Dragonfly have a large eye with thousand of tringular-facet lens that can be see all directions.
  Dragonfly is also the natural predators of mosquitoes.
  Life Cycle of Dragonfly :
-First stage : Egg
  Dragonfly lay their eegs on the plants that exist in water.
-Second stage : Nymph
Dragonfly nymphs, live and thrive in the bottom water and breathe with gills. It several time through the turn of the skin called instars. They mostly live in water that is more or less for 4 years.
- Third Stage : Adult Dragonfly
When dragonfly release it nymph skin, it has become an adult dragonfly. Adult dragonfly live only a maximal of 4 mothns.
    * DID YOU KNOW ? ? ?
Dragonfly has been on this planet for approximalately 300 milion years ago ! ! !

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